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Chatting with a 22-year-old Real Estate Millionaire

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Text Comments (2449)
potassium hydroxide (14 hours ago)
this guy kinda looks like Avicii
Julian Rasmussen (16 hours ago)
This dude have a vape pod in his hand?? Lol
Jayson Power (21 hours ago)
I'm in real estate (real estate agent). This guy is the real deal. Also you know he's legit because he's not selling a "class" to teach you how to get rich. What he does is just super hard. He started with wholesaling and now instead of selling the contract he does the flip himself. And it's a numbers game. That's why he has a call center. His numbers probably look like this... make 1,000 calls to pre-foreclosures, get 10-100 appointments, from those appointments get 1-10 deals to close. Thats 0.1% - 1% success rate. Now here are the numbers for the people watching this youtube video.. 1,000 people watch this video. 90% think he's bullshit and never do anything with the info. So that's 100 people that take some action. Say 100 people actually go and learn about wholesaling. 90% of those people will not actually take ANY action to try it (fear of failure, mindset issues, fear of success, excuses, etc). So that's 10 people who actually go out and try to wholesale. 90% will give up because, like he says, its a lot of "no" and rejection. (See my number above about how it takes 1000 phone calls to close 1 deal). So now we have 1 person who actually sticks with it and becomes successful. And thats the guy we see on this interview. And those numbers are probably too optimistic, but at least now you why you're poor and he's rich.
cojack135 (1 day ago)
he is good at ripping people off.
Daddy Dividends (2 days ago)
This guy literally finds homeless people walking the street and sits them down for a youtube video
real estate (2 days ago)
John C (2 days ago)
8:24 ... he slacked off all highschool but then THE LAST 3 YEARS OF SENIOR YEAR... whhutt??
Nhkum Largra (7 days ago)
so you buy a house for $50,000 and sell it for $150,000. probably the #1 reason house prices keep going up. thanks POS.
brUuuUu (5 days ago)
Nhkum Largra eh I’d debate that the buyers are the ones causing it, demand is high, people will buy
Kross Keyy (8 days ago)
Youre totally still a stoner bro
Kross Keyy (8 days ago)
"They're like Fvck you get fvck outta here"
izhar (8 days ago)
so this guy got his whole school involved in a pyramid scheme? should you be proud of that? i'd be kind off embarrassed
TheCanadianBalls (9 days ago)
the only guys that wear there hats backwards are welders or cocksuckers... this guy obviously aint a welder
Alex Zaragoza (10 days ago)
His clothes cost more than your mortgage he’s not homeless
Austin Eckhoff (11 days ago)
Who agrees that lahwf is gay (no mo)
Kevin Pheley (11 days ago)
I was 97% sure that was Aviici
Josh Potatoe (11 days ago)
hes either faking or he has OP connections that reg ppl dont have. getting houses for such a discount sounds fishy
DeemoSqaud (5 days ago)
No it’s because you don’t know anything to do with real estate. You have to be in the business to understand what’s going on. These people who sell you a piece of property at a discount are called “motivated sellers”. These people are in a situation where they need to get rid of there property or they will suffer the consequences. This is where the investor comes in and gets this property from the seller at a discount since he’s motivated, so now the investor makes his money and the seller makes his money and no longer has to deal with the troubled property.
My name (12 days ago)
I'm interested in knowing what this 0 down payment is. It cannot be a normal loan, I think that is what he said "private investors". Has to be some sort of a private lender, even then. FHA is 3.5%, can be 1.5% with FHA advantage. Conventional is 3-5%. USDA can be 0% but there is restrictions and not every property/city can qualify. VA is 0% down but of course you'd have to be a veteran. It's possible that a credit union or a local bank can be offering some program for a normal person but of course that has requirements.
ag opticon (13 days ago)
all i see is judgmental haters .. the end of the day the man is just sayin what he does, why say anything negative how does he affect you ?
keanpatrickk (8 days ago)
ag opticon exactly
Flashbang304 (13 days ago)
interviewer needs to invest in himself. straight doubter, and completely clueless tbh.
Nerd Boy (13 days ago)
He looks like a German rapper called "Estikay". Look him up you'll be surprised they must be twins.
Apollyon MLynx (13 days ago)
comment section: the gullibles vs the envious
Max's Brandy Review (14 days ago)
Wait till the market turns
Atlas Commercial (14 days ago)
Pot heads. Not worth a fuck
jack murray (15 days ago)
i grew up with this kid and his brother. great people
MrArtist1971 (15 days ago)
Show me without mom and dad backing it and I'll listen.
kyaankk (20 days ago)
This is called double brokering
David Russ (22 days ago)
I love how this guy was part of a pyramid scheme in highschool..
Jeff Wybo (22 days ago)
Lots of wholesalers in my area who help out my buyers.
Hulphaids Stik'ieds (1 month ago)
This kid is trolling this guy cause he has no idea what the fuck he talking about.
Geoffrey Manneck (1 month ago)
You don't need lot of money to make money on real estate. At least in the US. You can do Wholesaling and make good money, some times high 6 zeroes annually with almost no money. You can do Flipping or BRRRR using Hard Money Loans or You can do Rent To Own arbitrage and the Wrap de deal via seller finance. You can use Syndicate loans or use one of the thousands of US government investments programs. There's lot of way to make good money in RE without using much of our money. Of course, you have to work hard and take risk, but it's very doable. I started doing Wholesaling in 2012. Almost without my own money. It was time consuming, so I started to do Flipping using Hard Money loans and now I do lots of BRRRR deals. I own 17 units at the moment. And I made money on all three strategies.
Dylan Kiley (1 month ago)
Listening to this guy talk about real estate was like nails on a chalkboard. He sounds like a teenager trying to act like a big shot. Stop lying 😂😂
Ernie G. (1 month ago)
This guys full of shit. U can see the BS!! 🤔
Conagher Miller (1 month ago)
“Last three years of senior year” Igor
Vince Evans (1 month ago)
Props to his parents for having the balls to name their kid Igor lol
Vince Evans (1 month ago)
Now the question is did you do the rich dad poor dads scam relay to figure all this out?
Victor Borba (1 month ago)
I find entrepreneurs to be so interesting. To be so intelligent and find a niche where you can thrive, taking a MASSIVE risk that could render you bankrupt easily if you have one slip up. I could never do anything close to that and I'm in awe at those great minds who do.
Oscar Vitlue (1 month ago)
I’m not hating but I can’t trust a guy wearing a Gucci hat backwards
Mike Letterst (1 month ago)
He looks like the guy who used to sell weed to me back in college
Grant Jernigan (5 days ago)
damn you are old and jealous mid life crisis
Nadia Harper (1 month ago)
Everyone who’s rags in the comment is struggling in poverty lol fuckin losers
Auxide Music (1 month ago)
Talk is cheap
Mr. Oaky (1 month ago)
How does this guy get information on the people he is cold calling? How does he find the people he’s looking for
Willy Nino (1 month ago)
White people always have a head start Cause they’re parents got bank
TheSpicyPotato (1 month ago)
its called working smarter. this is why asians are top 10 percent with white. latinos and blacks are at the bottom. not racist just real satistics
Adrian (1 month ago)
This is the fucking stupidiest interviewer ever fuck him
youtube youtube (1 month ago)
Looks like this ass pirate from my hometown named James Kielty
Ken G (2 months ago)
You can tell lhwf is more himself and talkative with this guy than the others. This dude is just more real, right? (Of the millionaires).
Chris Korfonta (2 months ago)
So sad that people fall for this! Only people with low intelligence would believe this sort of junk. hahahaha. "Hi, I'm rich." BS
DeemoSqaud (5 days ago)
Your intelligence is pretty low, and also your mindset. I’m into real estate myself and I’m 17. I’ve been doing this since I was 13 years old. Now I’m making 100-200 grand a month at 17 flipping houses and wholesaling. It all started because I met the right person and that changed my life for ever. Nothing this guy is saying is false by any means. Real estate is the most lucrative business in the world and anybody can become wealthy in it at any age just put in the fucking work, no excuses. I know tons and tons of guys who are normal dudes that are fucking MULTI MILLIONAIRES just because of real estate. Open your eyes and expand your horizon on what will make you wealthy and listen to the guy who’s out there doing it big and making big money doing it, instead of using your own judgement against somebody just because your not wealthy as the next guy.
Jacqueline Rosas (2 months ago)
Wonder if interviewer has a YouTube channel?
scum bag (2 months ago)
10:46 lol, thinking about it - noticing he is at this very moment xD
The Outlaw (2 months ago)
The interviewer looks like he’s trying to spot the fraud , it’s when he’s faceslaps his head after his lie in an attempt to wash his shame away from spilling so much bullshit from his giggling gay mouth !when they met in the airport I’m sure he was just trying to get a blowjob but now he has to do this gay interview ! He’s now probably smoking dope watching this playback waiting for the replies to see what monkey believes this shit how the fuck did I get here
Seth Yborra (2 months ago)
Basically what I do with shoes. Definitely an inspiration
Ed S (2 months ago)
This guy does not make money through real estate or make money at all. I didn't watch the entire video but haven't heard anything about capital gains and a lot of his statements aren't true or done make sense as I and many people I know are into real estate lol.
Lenny Penny (2 months ago)
question: no bank will give you a mortgage without having a steady good permanent income to prove that you can repay the monthly mortgage. How does that work? Somebody had to hold the door open for someone here in order to get a foot in the door.
It'sme Josh (2 months ago)
So basically, he profits off of people who are struggling and have little choice but to sell and take losses......good karma business model right there. No different than a dodgy stock trader selling bunk stock to people who can't afford them under the guise that they will make good returns....didn't they make a movie about a guy like that? Dirty and grubby.
H. Abad N. (2 months ago)
Lets put you a Gucci hat so every body thinks is the Real deal!!!!
wei ying xue (2 months ago)
When the house price go down, this dude net asset might become negative equity.
Maienduo Nava (2 months ago)
Those of you keyboard gurus who have not get your feet wet in this arena and complaining about some missing part in the story need to go back to a lecture room and have your neurons schooled to get a job. This kind of information for students in the university of hard knocks.
J M (2 months ago)
Last 3 years of my senior year... Offering to pay 60% of house value... so like offering a 100k for a 200k house.... seriously..?
CaioSilva.com (2 months ago)
This interview sucks. I couldn't watch for more than 1min.
Ernie G. (2 months ago)
MMMIdont believe you, You need More people
Nic Johnson (2 months ago)
"and then the last 3 years of senior year..." bro..
Jonathon Cole (2 months ago)
He came into it rich don’t be fucking fooled
Erich Hartmann (2 months ago)
Painfully to watch LAHWF interviewing this guy
brah sitdownson (2 months ago)
kid with stupid tattoos, backwards gucci hat and a manbun who got roped into a pyramid scheme in highschool is now claiming hes a millionaire flipping houses. press X to doubt
Indigo Child (2 months ago)
Ok bro so you made your money thats cool, i have a deal with a 4 plex im in the process of buying, needs to be renovated and rented out after, but i dont want to live there i want to travel the country. Is is a good thing to buy this or pass, and just travel. I want to have both just i dont want to be there while im traveling or deal with tenants! What do you suggest?
Angel Carrasco (2 months ago)
somebody showed him this business model and guided him through it.... and he is not tellin us who, he just wanna make it sound so cool like a selfmade millionaire in the typical fairy tail
twinzturbo (2 months ago)
Must be texas
A1 Zone (2 months ago)
J1.92c (2 months ago)
This interview sucks.
jr h (2 months ago)
“Last 3 years of senior year “
Jonathan Cruz (2 months ago)
What a weird interview
Tyler Buckaroo (2 months ago)
He got a JUUL
KSA Wheels (2 months ago)
Andrew, we want a stock trader millionaire
Sean Webb (2 months ago)
Did he say the lay 3 years of senior year?
Sean Webb (2 months ago)
Getting his realtor license would save him thousands in fees and give him access to the mls. All he does is use hard money loans
Sikky (2 months ago)
Yo wasup w/the interviewer, he's the worst and he has 2.2mm subs? WTF
SSS SSS (2 months ago)
An "MLM" is just a nicer name for a PYRAMID SCHEME.
The Red Pilled Patriot (2 months ago)
Interviewer = jerrod goff
Johnny Notani (2 months ago)
the host is stoned. lol
Rialdo Shepherd (2 months ago)
Why you think must people fail on Real estate? Well like, especially like, the whole thing on selling like, when you do flipping is like, the way we use to like... How many "LIKE" can you hear per sentence during this video.
Mitch (3 months ago)
"the last 3 years of senior year" yup, bruh seems credible
JR (3 months ago)
liar with rich parents.
JR (3 months ago)
what a liar
YANA World (3 months ago)
I was about to take this seriously as I was looking into house flipping then I vaguely remembered this guys name and his old walking up to ppl videos xD
Brandon Marshall (3 months ago)
Why are so many people sooo mad at this kid ?? Everyone saying daddy did it for him.. I’m 26 and broke as fuck and would love to be in his position and I’m not sitting here acting like he’s either a criminal or a trust fund baby. I know a couple people that I grew up with that are very successful and they grew up with no money and had tons of creativity and ambition and they made something out of nothing. Quit be stereotypical millennial pussies that whine about everything.
Ulaza567 (3 months ago)
You need money to start investing in real estate. Don't know this guy's story, but if he started out getting money with just real estate; he's had a loan from someone.
Naz Pounds (2 months ago)
not true.
Spearfast (3 months ago)
What are you haters on about. How else do you think people who buy and sell make money, its at the time of purchase. Renovating doesnt make profit, its simply done so the house you bought under valuation sell easier. Not rocket science. This isnt ripping people off, if you knew how many fees they are up for quite often buy and sell offers save you money if you are foreclosing etc. The average house price in my city is $800k, you gotta buy for $560k to make a feasible profit. And yes its hard to find these sales, as for every smart person who sees the savings in it you get 1000 more who get emotional about it. So stop hating on the guy. I do wonder why hes rubbing his eyes so often though lol.
Ugo (3 months ago)
This guys interviews are weird
Hritik Ronvelia (3 months ago)
Abimael Cruz (3 months ago)
8:30 "... the last 3 years of senior year.." 😂
D81ful (3 months ago)
If I had rich old friends to borrow money from to flip homes I’d be a millionaire too.
Christos Fellas (3 months ago)
15k gull-able as fuck people out there. wow
J C (3 months ago)
do they not have captial gains tax in US?
Manny L (3 months ago)
wtf I went to school with Igor and now he's on one of my favorite youtube channels....deaddd
Ne, oder? (3 months ago)
Chatting with bill gates
Arrow Santi (3 months ago)
smoke the JUUL!!!!! lol.
dremid445 (3 months ago)
Somehow this guy comes off as disingenuous? I make a living independently flipping properties (for real). You can amass a few million pretty quick. Reason most people don't do the same is (1) they don't have the passion/interest to choose good investments and renovate, (2) they don't have the capital to start with (something in the range of 50-100k), (3) even if they have the money, they're afraid of the imagined risk/difficulty. (For even bigger returns, wander outside the country to developing metropolitan areas.) Reason (1) is really important; if you don't have a legitimate passion - almost an obsession - with looking at condos/houses/storefront properties and imagining the possibilities, you'll make too many mistakes and fall into serious debt pretty quickly.
MrDuckeatsbread (3 months ago)
Its not free real estate
Katherine S. (3 months ago)
He's cute
Jack Fantetti (3 months ago)
He’s a drug dealer 100%
Erik B (3 months ago)
he's a hockey player probably.

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