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✔ Inspirational Words -- Top 20 Best Chinese Proverbs

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Inspiring Chinese Proverb. Sometimes ancient proverbs seem like they were written for today, not thousands of years ago. And this classic saying from Chinese tradition seems as relevant as ever in our fast-paced lifestyle – in which the present moment seems like the only thing that matters, and in which we often forget that even our smallest actions now can have deep reverberations in our future Mindfulness – everything we “plant” today will grow eventually. When we are aware of how our actions deepen over time, then every decision in life has meaning behind it. What we do in the present reaps long-term benefits in our future. Enthusiasm – “the second best time to plant a tree is now.” It is never too late to start on a great idea, project, relationship or road to travel. Dwell not on the past, and not on the future, but only in what we can accomplish and begin in this moment – then, much later, we can see just how important those beginnings were Perseverance – trees, like humans, cannot remain here forever. However, our actions today create can lasting beauty and tangible value to our world and the people we leave it to, echoing long after our time! Famous Chinese Sayings, 10 Famous and wise Chinese proverbs, Chinese Philosopher Quotes, Chinese Proverbs To Live, Encouraging quotes, Chinese proverbs with original, chinese famous quotes, List of Chinese quotations, Chinese proverb Quotes - Quotations and Famous Quotes, Chinese Proverb Quotes, Inspirational Quotations by Chinese Proverb, 10 Inspiring Chinese Proverbs for Chinese Learners,
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MicaMan (4 months ago)
SO the other day i thought i was being tempted to do evil but then my friend kindly referred me to the video, i saw the very first proverb and it inspired me more than anything i have ever encountered. I thank the makers of this god like video and i shall watch it at least once a day. The description of this video is almost as inspiring as the video it self, it can be seen that sooooo much effort has been put into this video. I thank the spirit world for this mp4.
Miscellaneous Stuff (9 months ago)
love you neighbour but don't pull down the fence. That's all China in that quote.
Yeldur (1 year ago)
Half of thse quotes seem to be the polar opposite of actual chinese sayings.
Aquarian Christianity (1 year ago)
Obviously some great quotes! As a Christian I am commanded to listen to proverbs of the wise.
MicaMan (4 months ago)
thank you for those wise words
Top Rated (3 years ago)
To all new viewers/subscribers: I thank you for watching and I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions :)
fris B. (4 years ago)

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