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Teen Titans Chat 01
Hey this is my very first video on youtube so be very very nice. Ok so this a Teen Titans Chat. I saw some of them and they were simply awesome *cough* boyslikegirls **cough**. So I wanted to give it a shot although I know it sucks. Please enjoy and don't forget to comment and rate Oh and before I forget, this doesn't belong to me but belongs to the companines of Cartoon Network and DC Comics Ja Ne - Ndasuunye Plot Synopsis Terra is with the Titans, and none of them told each other they like one another. Starfire is trying to work Robin to ask her out, Terra is desprate for Beast Boy's love and Raven, she's relationship challenged. You'll find out later on. Not much to say about Cyborg
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Anti-Meta Deck: Skill Drain
Deck showing. I think i missed a card. Not entirely sure, but if I did, it was Trap Hole
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Trade Binder #1
This is my First Trade Binder Video so please be nice. Shoutout to: http://www.youtube.com/user/Watmen Rules: 1) I will practically be selling, so if you want to trade, make it a damn good deal 2) In order to mail trade (or trade) you must have at least 10 reps on Youtube NOWHERE ELSE, that I can contact and get confirmation that you are a good trader. 3) For now (and obvious reasons) I will send first but only if you follow rule #2. Anybody lower, I wont trade with at all UNLESS you give me a good deal or trade 4) Though I do have a small wants list, that doesn't mean that's all you can offer me. It can be anything else, but those is what I'm really looking for. If you have something, offer it to me, it's cool, my wants are too small to be picky. Just something not garbage. 5) When sending it doesn't need to be in a toploader but it would make me happier and greatly appreciated. Though it doesn't need to be necessarily Wants: (since there's a lot of cards that come as both rare and common, I won't bother which versions I want) $$$ MONEY (MORE THAN TRADES) Crush Card Virus X2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon X2 Dragon Master Knight X2 FHD X3 Troop Dragons X3 Blizzard Dragon X3 King of the Swamp Dragon Mirror Smashing Ground Mirror Force Bottomless Trap Hole X2 Sakuretsu Armor X2 Luster Dragon Luster Dragon # 2 (currently holo only) Pyramid of Light X3 Dark Bribe X2 Solemn Judgment BEUD Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins Crystal Tree Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Ravial, Lord of Phantasm Uria, Lord os Searing Flames $$$$$$$$ yeah I need that too (and if you have any cards willing to trade that's not here, let me know) Andro Sphinx Heavy Storm Looking for a fresh unopened pack of yugioh sized sleeves, free if you can do so
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Yugioh - Deck Profile courtosy of ZombieMasterSasu
Alright this is a deck profile from my good associate ZombieMasterSasu, there'll be a link below as well as on the video. He's a zombie FIEND, and has pretty cool deck builds and duels, so check him out. But for now, enjoy. How come NOBODY knows how to say my username ZombieMasterSasu: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZombieMasterSasu
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Yugioh - Generation Force has some good cards and Gem Knights???
Let me be the last on the block to talk about the Generation Force. And hey, while we're at it, why not Gem Knights since i don't hear much of them.
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Nationals Review and those deep sea Gishki things
An overview of the nationals all information on said nationals were brought to you by ZombieMasterSasu, check out his vids and these other great yugitubers for making us have the experience of nationals on our pcs without going to nationals. ZombieMasterSasu: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZombieMasterSasu YourYUGIOHChannel: http://www.youtube.com/user/YourYUGIOHChannel mkohl40: http://www.youtube.com/user/mkohl40 aznpersuasion2008: http://www.youtube.com/user/aznpersuasion2008
Yugioh - Juicing isn't the NUTS and everyone loves pot (of Duality ^_^)
Talking about ripping off people for cards whether its good or not. Also gotta jump on the bandwagon and do a segment on the new Wave Tins to be. Lets watch shall we ^_^ Also shout-out to the following: ZombieMasterSasu: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZombieMasterSasu
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Yugioh- Yugitubers and their problems (MechaJaeyun) P.1
So yeah this is how I feel about most yugitubers when they bring their problems on screen for the world to see. I personally like MechaJaeyun, used to follow her vids until I became too busy for youtube at one point. Her predicament just happened to refuel the old flames honestly. Nothing personal against ya MechaJaeyun, I still think your awesome just need to learn how to handle your problems. But this video is also directed to ALL yugitubers who bitch and whine and complain about their personal problems. Enjoy and leave me some hate mail whyile your at it lololololol
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Why bother cheating (with six sams)
Pretty much a video with my bro (no homo) and giving a cap on cheating. I have got to make these videos shorter don't I?
Trade Binder#4/Deck/Discussion P.2
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Hey guys big stuff here, watch for more info. Pretty much self explanitory. Got the decks here, though I forgot one deck, I guess I'll get on that in the next upload lol. Links to good youtubers: decsilentenigma http://www.youtube.com/user/decsilentenigma YourYugiohChannel http://www.youtube.com/user/YourYUGIOHChannel
Yugioh- Yugitubers and their problems (MehcaJaeyun) P.2
Just the second part of the same video, i had more of nothing to say ^_^ SELL ME A MONSTER BINDER DAMNIT
HOT summer for yugioh (didn't know gallis was ban)
Talks about the upcoming SE for hidden arsenal and props to konami for making this summer so cool
Trade Binder#4/Deck/Discussion P.3
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Golden Angels (Gold Series 4 & Counter Faries)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Talking about Gold Series 4: Pyramid Edition and Faries. Yeah I'm looking for a video camera so anyone selling pm me and let me know. Use your free money wisely kids. Don't go for broke like me on cards lol. Fish card being sold for $4
Trade Binder #4/Deck/Discussion P.1
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Hey guys, big stuff going on. Watch the video for more info. Also if you guys see anything you want, let me know and we can make a deal. I really will normally only take cash but I'm willing to trade too. So main wants is: Cash Monster Binder This video focuses on the Binder portion of the three part video Links to good youtubers: decsilentenigma http://www.youtube.com/user/decsilentenigma YourYugiohChannel http://www.youtube.com/user/YourYUGIOHChannel
DA BESTEST GOLD SERIES EVA (sarcasm for bad gold series)
Yeah this explains why I didn't upload a video at my locals.Annoying shit went down. Just watch and learn...and enjoy ^_^
Yugioh - Kristya's From the sky_(along with a shattered pot)
Let's talk about the new announcement of the reprinting of Archlord Kristya. Man, I'd hate to see the look on those meta gamers face. The waste of money they've done did. And how about shattering glass, or in this case pot. This was made on 7/15/2011
Real Life Duel (test)
Just me and my friends dueling
Welcome to the Uber Rideshare Life Info  - Impact of the Vehicle Cap in NYC
New York City recently has been the first state and first region worldwide to implement an Uber vehichle cap due to a growing congestion problem. How will this effect the future of all the Ridesharing companies? Ndasuunye will break down the effects, whether its worth it and most importantly, how it will affect your future earnings. Camera used: Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone Don't forget to donate to No-Shave November. Just because the month is winding down, doesn't mean you can't help the fight against cancer: https://no-shave.org/ Sorry for the shakiness, very little equipment to use in such a short amount of time. Ndasuunye is a 2+ year Uber/Lyft driver that makes an effort to help correct any misinformation about the growing giant that is ridesharing. Make sure to check out future videos to gain more inside knowledge and content related to Uber. Maximize your earning with the knowledge you recieve.
Yugioh - Real Life Duel...In McDonalds
Just me and my friends dueling in Mickie D's. Enjoy my friend's fun anti-meta clown deck. Unfortunately he doesn't want it copied so he wasn't willing to do a deck review on it. ENJOY
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