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Q2 - Launch of the test network TON in the minimal version. Q3 - Testing and auditing of the TON code. 4 quarter - Placing a stable version of TON. 4 quarter - Launch of a light purse TON, built-in Telegram. Q1 2019 - The beginning of the creation of the TON economy in Telegram. Q2 - launch of the service of distributed file storage and anonymous payment service. First impressions. The first version of the technical description of the platform generates more questions than answers, and this is not unusual - in any case, it is necessary to wait for official information. All that is required of the Telegram team is a transparent system of communication with the community, and what is happening now is incomprehensible stuffing and lack of official information, do not increase the credibility of the project. In October 2017, Telegram had 170 million users a month. 70 billion messages were sent on the day. In December 2017, the number of downloads of the Telegram application reached 5 million. In the first quarter of 2018, the team predicts an audience size of 200 million users per month. Of course, these figures look impressive, but do not forget that the audience of mobile applications does not differ loyalty and easily migrates to other applications. In addition, it should be noted that the first company that integrates cryptocurrency into its messenger - Kik, has not yet reached a special level, and even could not issue a finished product, although its ICO was held in September 2017. Before I get into the reviews of Pool ICO , the company has reportedly received a lot of reports of imposter scam sites who are attempting to position themselves as part of the team behind Pool and their TON Project. They are attempting to making money off the GRAM token as well, the fuel behind the project. Apparently, the only official source of information about the telegram project is the website at telegram.org. The Pool ICO , is only designed to give people the ability to participate in subsequent rounds of the GRAM token sales in the process to help accumulate the needed amount of funds for the project. Poolico-platform.com is a new platform that is designed for helping bringing investors together into special pools, for the purpose of helping them participate in different projects and ICOs on the best possible terms of the early ICOs.